Testing Amigo

Follow the paper prototype exercise, we were tasked to come up with an application with would  combine the the use of smart watch and smart phone. It should involve synchronization of data between the two devices.

I did my paper prototype testing on “Amigo”.

Paper Prototype 20140113_0117_800px_new

Amigo is an application that combine smart phone and smart watch technology in order to help children (ideally in the age between 10-12 years old) manage their anxiety. It uses sensing technology in smart watch to sense a child anxiety on daily basis. The watch will prompt the child with various techniques in order for him to reduce his anxiety. It will also automatically send the child’s anxiety data to his paired smart phone. At the end of the day, the child can check his anxiety management activity via his smart phone. He can also see his weekly/monthly/yearly anxiety management trend with Amigo application on the smart phone.

Please note that: Amigo was derived from a group project I work on last quarter. My group member were Gwenyth Stokeley, Alma Emadi, Jun Bum Kim and David Yang.

Sketching the interface
I first sketched all interface that would appear in the application. I decided that there should be at least 3 main tasks that I want to test the user: syncing the smart phone with smart watch, respond to the watch notification, and review data on the smart phone.


The Testing
With time constraint, I weren’t able to find any children to test out Amigo. Instead, I decided to test out the paper prototype with a few of my classmates in order for me to get some initial feedback.

VIDEO0014_800pxTo check out video Prototype, please contact me!

First Task: Set up
When a child is using the Amigo application for the first time, he will be prompted with a set up screen on his smart phone. He can input his name, birth date and email address.

VIDEO0014-6_800 px_adjust

Afterward, by placing his smart watch next to his smart phone, the two devices will be sync automatically. Now, the child is ready to use Amigo.


Second Task: The smart watch notification
Notify a child when he feel anxious as well as providing techniques to help the child to reduce anxiety. In the background, the watch will also send all information to his smart phone where the child can view later.

During the day, when the watch detects the child anxiety, it will buzz and prompt the child with a question “Feeling Anxious?”


If the child feel anxious and click on “Yes”, then watch would provide the child with a few anxiety management options. The child can choose one of these options and try to manage his anxiety with the technique he chose.


The watch will then show an animation which illustrate the anxiety management technique. It will turn back to default after a few seconds.


Third Task: Review anxiety management activity on the smart phone
Provides the child’s anxiety management information. The child can see exactly the time that he experienced anxiety. He can also see monthly trend and yearly trend if he has improved on his anxiety management.

At the default screen, by clicking on a teardrop-like button, the child is able to review his anxiety management technique he used through out the day.


Icon on the top right corner represents the average mood of particular day!


By clicking on the leftmost icon on the navigation bar, user can access setting page.


By clicking on the rightmost icon on the navigation bar, user can review monthly/yearly anxiety management graph.




With time constraint, I weren’t able to find any children to test out Amigo. Instead, I decided to test out the paper prototype with a few of my classmates in order for me to get some initial feedback. There were three main parts of Amigo application I asked all participants to try out: syncing smart phone and smart watch, respond to the push notification on the watch when he has anxiety and to review anxiety management data on the smart phone.

In the first round of testing, the participant point out that the process of syncing the phone and the watch can be done simpler. He suggested that instead of having to run through three different screen … since the setting up step 2of3 and 3of3 were very similar, I should be able to merge the two screen into one. He also suggested that user may not need to tap on “sync” button, when the user put the smart watch next to his smart phone, it should automatically sync.

The part that got really good feedback on and worked out the best was the push notification of the watch. All participants went through the smart watch interfaces without any problem. Buttons were very clear. They thought that the animation screen which happen after clicking one of the anxiety management technique was very well implemented. The interface was simple and straight forward.

For reviewing Anxiety Management data, one of the participant had hard time finding the page. During the testing, it was evident that he was surprised when clicking on the right most icon on the navigation bar and the application transition into a page with monthly graph. He thought that the button would bring him back to the previous page. He suggested that icons I chose to represent different tasks were confusing and should be improve.

Over all, participants had no problem navigate through Amigo application with both the smart watch and the smart phone. As the first time users, they could easily figure out how the sync the phone and the watch, successfully using the smart watch to help manage their anxiety, and able to review their anxiety management data. Besides a few minor suggestions for improvement such as changing some icons and reduce a step for syncing the phone and the watch, I would consider Amigo application very effective.


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