Video Prototype

We finally got exposed to how to properly make a video prototype! Our lecture last Friday was super informational … we watched couple of movie clips from Sergei Eisenstien and Alfred Hitch Cock. It was old but still very good to see movies which were produced by these two producers.

What we need to do this week is to create a video prototype that demonstrate functionality and experience using a product. We can either video our prototype from the last couple of weeks or we can come up with a new product all together. I chose to make my video prototype on “CLIP”, automatic action camera (a made up product). The idea was that this small hand free camera which would automatically capture your moment no matter where you are.

Sequence 02_adjust

To complete the video prototype, I reuse my own footage from a road trip I had couple months ago. I want to show how little camera can capture such an amazing experience. Beyond that, I also staged an interview of myself in order for me to show the CLIP prototype. I had couple of friends help me set up the stage and interview me about my experience using CLIP!



Video prototype is a great way to show experience of using a product. Motion picture can capture so much of what’s going on in an environment. Adobe After Effect and Premiere Pro are two very handy tools to edit videos. Anyway, using these editing programs for the first time can be intimidating. Another down fall of video prototype is setting up time could take a very long time.



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