Fun with Arduino

This was the first time I had a chance to play with Arduino! It was very exciting to be able to have a hand on electronic parts and make things work. When I was an undergraduate, I focus on how things look, its function and usability. However, I did not pay much attention of how it actually going to be implemented. Arduino is a breadboard prototype which allow me to quickly (most of the time) create functional prototype.

For this week, I am trying to make a password detector! Basically, when a person put in a wrong password into the system, he will get a message saying “Password is wrong! Try it again!” and also a beep sound. Otherwise, it will reward you with a song!

Beyond the basic Arduino board and the bread board, the project required Piezo Speaker module  and Numeric Membrane Keypad.


Here’s how all components connect with each other:


When you enter a wrong password:


When you enter the right password:


A music track is also playing when you get the password right!

Overall, I really enjoy putting electronic parts together and see something is really working! However, the part that I have the most difficulty was coding … I had to spend a lot of time trying to understand the code. With no prior experience, I need to figure out how to get the Piezo speaker module as well as the key pad to work with Arduino.  To get around it, I search on various websites and try to find tutorials/ instructtion of how to work those two main components. After an extensive research, I found share library which contain basic code for both components. Beyond that, I need to write more code in order to connect these two devices and make it function the way I intented it to. I was difficult but it was a good learning experience. I would say that Arduino is good for those who likes to test out electronics function. It is also better if one has a basic in computer programming. Otherwise, it will be very hard to execute anything with Arduino.



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