Physical Prototype

For this week, we were task with physical prototype and 3D printing using Makerbot! Luckily, my background before attending MHCID was Industrial Design so this wasn’t new to me. I had fun making stuff like I did when I was in undergraduate.

I made a “Labyrinth” (maze). Because I am familiar with the process of making things in 3D, I spent more of my time on designing the maze rather than trying out/experiment with the tools. Below are my rendering:

Labyrinth_view 1_800px

Labyrinth_view 2_800px

Labyrinth_view 4_800px

Check out the 3D printed version of the Maze!




Even though, Makerbot still has a lot of limitation, it makes 3D printing much more accessible than ever before. I am very excited to see what future will bring to the 3D printing industry.



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