Coding Pong!

For this Spring quarter of my Master Degree in Human Computer Interaction and Design, I am taking a Game Design in the CSE department. That’s right Computer Science … that means coding! Even though I am a designer, I also have some coding background. I know the basic Java programming and web languages (html, css, php, jquery, ajax, and abit of database). I thought I knew what I was getting myself into but … our first assignment was to coding a “Pong Game” in Flash! Of course, it was tough because I have never code in Flash using ActionScript before. We were given spec for the assignment and … that’s it! I had to figure everything else myself.

Well, for those of you who are learning basic game programming in Flash, and if you are frustrated/confuse the first time around… you are not alone! I had the same experience. However, if you stick to the end and finish coding your game … it was such a joy to see the game working : D

After I code this game, I totally understand how programmer thinks when he/she is coding. Their objective is to get the program to work! and that’s why they have no time to think about how the interface is going to look (this is where designer like myself comes in). I now have a very clear understand of how programmer think and concern the most. Check out my Vimeo video of me playing my Pong game against myself   : )






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