Game Design (Part 1)

Following the last week, I was tasked to come up with some initial game ideas. I proposed three:

Initial ideasResponds for these three game ideas were good. People tend to preferred either Blue Creature or Trash it. Ultimately, it turned out that there are enough people in the class who are interested in working on the Blue Creatures idea with me. So we are trying our best to bring it to life!

Out team: 3 Computer Scientist, and 1 designer (myself)

Blue Creatures:

You are a Scuba diver! the objective of the game is to catch Blue Creatures but you need to physically set up traps to get those Blue Creatures! The more traps/baits you set up underwater, the more chance that you will get Blue Creatures faster! However, the harder for you to watch out for all your baits. You have limit amount of bait to use. Once they are gone … the game is also over.

Game Design_2_850px Game Design_3_850px

Paper Prototype:

After a team discussion of how the game should work, we went ahead and try out how the game may work with paper prototype. It was very interesting to observe how people play our game!

Paper Prototype_1

Paper Prototype_2

Paper Prototype_3_850px


People like the game play! They feel that there are enough component going on in the game that keep them interested. Yet, it is not too complex that they cannot handle the level of difficulty.

What we learn:

a. Items that player use to eliminate other creatures need to be use in a close range. Otherwise, people would simply stay on one side of the screen and do not maneuver around.

b. The speed of diver relative to all creatures is crucial, we need to pin down the speed of the game.

c. People did not realize that they can move the bait up and down. Probably need a better indication/ interface design.

Our next steps would be to do more testing and get into more details of the game. Stay tune for my blog next week !



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